Terms of Service

GO FRIEND Terms of Service

This GO FRIEND Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) is the use of various tools provided by GO FRIEND (hereinafter referred to as the “Tools”), as well as uploading to the tools, displayed information and text. Terms and conditions regarding the use of all services such as images, videos, etc. are established and applied.

Users should use the tool according to this agreement. By using the tool, you agree to this agreement.

In addition, the user is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws when using the tool.

1. Registration/login/rejection/cancellation of tool usage

Users can use it without registering to GO FRIEND.

However, GO FRIEND reserves the right to refuse the user’s use of the tool if GO FRIEND determines that the user falls under any of the following.

1.1. When false information is provided to GO FRIEND

1.2. When GO FRIEND does not meet the prescribed examination criteria (GO FRIEND has no obligation to disclose such examination criteria)

1.3. And all sorts, when it is judged inappropriate to use the tool by GO FRIEND’ns own judgment.

2. Changes to these Terms

GO FRIEND may change this agreement by announcing or notifying the user if necessary.

If you continue to use the tool after changing this agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to the change in this agreement.

3. Use period

The initial usage period of the tool is one month.

Unless the user requests to cancel the tool by the GO FRIEND prescribed method before the expiration of the period, the usage period will be automatically extended for one month, and so on.

4. Usage fee

4.1. GO FRIEND is free to use.

4.2. GO FRIEND may add paid settings by announcing or notifying the user. Also, you may change the paid settings that you have added. If you use the paid setting, the prescribed fee will be charged, but if you do not use the paid setting, you can continue to use it free of charge.

4.3 GO FRIEND reserves the right to deliver ads within the tool. The user agrees to this in advance.

5. Account

5.1. GO FRIEND automatically sets a temporary account for the user to use the tool. The temporary account that has been set can be changed later from the setting screen. It is possible to continue using the temporary account without making any changes.

GO FRIEND can regard all acts performed using the registered account as the actions of the user himself.

6. Content

6.1. “Content” means to use the Tool, send it to the Tool User, or make it available to the Tool User.
It includes, but is not limited to, screenshots of the game screen taken by the user and sentences, images, and videos sent by the user.

6.2. The user expresses and guarantees the following items regarding the content.

6.2.1. Content does not infringe the rights of third parties(Including intellectual property rights such as copyright, moral rights, patent rights, trademark rights, design rights, utility model rights, trade secrets, honorary rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, access rights, etc. , But not limited to these) .

6.2.2. Content that may be offensive to public order and morals (including, but not limited to, excessively violent content and explicit sexual content), content that violates laws or regulations, or this agreement thing.

6.3. The user agrees that GO FRIEND may check the content in order to operate the tool properly. If GO FRIEND determines that the user’s content contains inappropriate content, GO FRIEND may not deliver the content or may delete it.

6.4. GO FRIEND may be used by courts, investigative agencies, and other public institutions to disclose and provide your content, and GO FRIEND may only be used if it is determined to be valid. The content of the user can be disclosed and provided without obtaining the consent of the user.

6.5. GO FRIEND may use the user’s content for advertising/promotional activities of the tool, and the user consents to this in advance.

7. Responsibility of users

7.1. If a third party lodges a claim, claim or lawsuit against GO FRIEND due to the user’s use of the tool, the user shall assume his own responsibility. Users shall respond to this at own expense and should not inconvenience GO FRIEND.

7.2. If GO FRIEND suffers any damage (including the lawyer’s expense) due to the user using the tool, the user shall immediately notify GO FRIEND of this damage and you need to make compensation.

7.3. When setting another user as a co-administrator, the act of that co-administrator shall be deemed to be the act of the user. GO FRIEND is exempted from any damages or disadvantages caused to the user by the action of the co-administrator and will be resolved between the user and the co-administrator.

8. Handling of information

8.1. GO FRIEND does not manage user’s personal information in principle.

8.2. GO FRIEND will not provide various information about the user to a third party without the consent of the user, except as provided by law.

8.3. GO FRIEND may check the usage status of the tool by the user in order to improve the service of the tool, and the user consents to this in advance.

8.4. The tool uses access logs and cookies in any of the following cases.
・To provide and operate tools
・For collecting and analyzing user attributes
・To deliver advertisements suitable for users
・For questions from users
・To identify and deal with the user who violates this agreement

8.5. You can request GO FRIEND to disclose, correct, add or delete various information that GO FRIEND has collected from you.

However, please be aware that such disclosure will be subject to a separate procedure set by GO FRIEND and may require an additional fee.

For inquiries regarding disclosure, corrections, additions, deletions and complaints, please contact us from the upper right of the tool page (URL: https://go-frined.com/map/).

9. Outsourcing/Business Alliance

9.1. GO FRIEND may be outsourced to a third party other than GO FRIEND for part of the service provision of the tool.

9.2. GO FRIEND can provide the business partner with information about the user’s tool (but not personal information) in order to provide the tool function to the business partner’s website, application, etc. Shall be able to.

As a result, the user’s tool registration information, etc., may be posted on the partner site.

In addition, GO FRIEND can post the URL of the website that describes the user’s information on the business partner on the user’s account page, set up a link to the website, etc. I shall.

9.3. In addition to map information (information such as raids and rewards), updates such as strategy information provided by GO FRIEND will also be delivered by push notification. * You can optionally set the notification rejection.

10. Service interruption/change/termination

10.1. GO FRIEND can suspend the service provision of the tool in the following cases. Even if GO FRIEND suspends the tool, GO FRIEND does not take any responsibility to the user.

10.1.1. When performing maintenance or inspection of the equipment necessary to provide the tool regularly or urgently

10.1.2. In case of failure of equipment required to provide the tool

10.1.3. When it is difficult to provide tools due to power outage, fire, earthquake, or other force majeure

10.1.4. If there is any other significant reason for the operation or technology of the tool

10.2. GO FRIEND can change or terminate all or part of the tool by making the user publicize or notify.

GO FRIEND accepts no responsibility to the user even if GO FRIEND changes all or part of the tool or is terminated.

11. Non-Warranty/Disclaimer

11.1. GO FRIEND DOES NOT WARRANT, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, THAT THE TOOL IS FREE OF DEFECTIVE OR LEGAL DEFECTS(Including, but not limited to, safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, validity, suitability for a particular purpose, security defects, errors and bugs, infringement, etc.).

11.2. GO FRIEND is not responsible for any damage caused to the user due to the user’s use of the tool.

However, this shall not apply if this damage was caused by GO FRIEND’s intention or gross negligence.

In this case, GO FRIEND will limit the usual and direct damage caused to the user to the amount of the tool usage fee actually paid by the user in the month in which this damage occurs, and we are responsible for compensation.

12. Account usage restrictions

After the user starts using the tool based on Article 1 of this agreement, GO FRIEND does not approve the use of the tool or does impose restrictions such as stop using the tool if the user judges that the following items apply.

In addition, GO FRIEND shall not be obliged to respond to any inquiries from users regarding specific judgment criteria or account usage restrictions.

13. Prohibited Acts

Users are prohibited from performing the following items when using the tool.

13.1. Acts that violate laws, court decisions, decisions or orders, or administrative measures that are legally binding.
13.2. Illegal or acts that may promote illegal acts

13.3. GO FRIEND or third party’s copyright, trademark right, intellectual property right such as patent right, honor right, privacy right, or any other act that infringes any legal or contractual right

13.4. Acts that may be offensive to public order and morals

13.5. Providing benefits or other cooperation to antisocial forces .

13.6. Use of the tool as an advertising medium for a third party (including, but not limited to, using a tool to advertise products, services, etc. owned by the third party)

13.7. Transferring or lending an account to a third party, or sharing an account with a third party

13.8. GO FRIEND or impersonation to a third party, intentional dissemination of false information, or display or distribution of content unrelated to the operation and maintenance of the industry to which you applied

13.9. Unauthorized collection, storage, disclosure or provision of personal information, registration information, usage history information, etc. of third parties

13.10. Excessive violent expressions, explicit sexual expressions, race, nationality, creed, sex, social status, expressions leading to discrimination due to family origin, suicide, self-harm, substance abuse, etc. The act of posting or sending expressions that may cause others or expressions that include other antisocial content and which cause offense to others

13.11. Acts aimed at sexual acts or obscene acts, acts aimed at encountering or dating unfamiliar opposite sex, acts aimed at harassing or slander other users, and other tools planned the act of using the tool for a purpose different from the intended purpose

13.12. Distribution of content that may be offensive or annoying to the user or a third party

13.13. Acts that hinder the tool server or network system

13.14. Acts that interfere with the operation of the tool by GO FRIEND or the use of the tool by other users, and interfere with these

13.15. Acts of artificially using the defect of the tool

13.16. Acts of making unreasonable inquiries or requests to GO FRIEND

13.17. Distribution of expressions and contents that conflict with these Terms

13.19. Acts that supporting or fomenting any of the above 13.1 to 13.17

13.20. Other acts that GO FRIEND independently deems inappropriate

14. Suspension/Cancellation

GO FRIEND suspends the use of the tool by the user without notice if GO FRIEND determines that the user falls under any of the following or may be It is possible to cancel the provision of the tool by canceling the contractual relationship (hereinafter referred to as “this contract”) based on this agreement with the user without the notification of.

GO FRIEND will not be liable to the user even if the user suffers any damages due to such suspension or cancellation.

14.1. If the GO FRIEND knows that there is an application refusal reason specified in 1.2 after starting to use the tool
14.2. If the user violates this agreement

14.3. If you use the tool for an illegal purpose

14.4. If you are unable to contact the user for any reason attributable to GO FRIEND

14.5. If you don’t have access to a tool account for more than a year

14.6. In addition, if the user performs an action that GO FRIEND independently determines to be inappropriate

15. Confidentiality

Users are all confidential information of GO FRIEND (all information about GO FRIEND’s customers, products, services, businesses, technologies, know-how, ideas, concepts, etc., and regardless of the disclosure method, GO FRIEND clearly indicates that it is confidential at the time of disclosure. The same applies hereinafter. ) In this case, the confidential information of GO FRIEND shall be kept confidential, and the confidential information of GO FRIEND shall be retained without the written consent of GO FRIEND unless the disclosure is required by law. Do not disclose or leak it to any third party.

16. Elimination of antisocial forces

16.1. The User assure the person or a representative, a representative, an officer, a person who has substantial management rights, an employee, an agent or a mediator (hereinafter referred to as “related person”) does not correspond to Gangsters, gangsters, associate members of gangsters, companies related to gangsters, plenary halls, social movement markers, political activity markers, special intelligence violence groups, persons closely related to these persons or those equivalent thereto (hereinafter “antisocial forces”). It is said that it does not correspond to any of the above) and promises that it will not be applicable in the future.

16.2. The User shall assure that the person or any related person will not directly or indirectly perform the following acts

16.2.1. Violent demands

16.2.2. Unreasonable demands beyond legal liability

16.2.3. Use of violent acts (including but not limited to, telling that you or your affiliates are antisocial forces) or acts of violence in relation to the transaction

16.2.4. Acts of dsseminating rumor, damage GO FRIEND’s credibility by using false counters or power or obstruct GO FRIEND’s business

16.2.5. Other acts according to the previous items

16.3. If it is found that the user violates any of the representations or promises specified in the preceding two paragraphs, GO FRIEND will terminate this contract without any notice and will cancel providing tools .

GO FRIEND will not be liable to the user even if the user suffers any damage due to such cancellation.

17. Devolvement

17.1. You may not transfer the rights and obligations regarding this Agreement or your contractual status to a third party without the written consent of GO FRIEND.

17.2.If GO FRIEND transfers all or part of the tools to GO FRIEND’s group companies or other third parties, GO FRIEND may transfer the status of GO FRIEND in this Agreement to the third party by making a public announcement or notification to the user, and the user consents to this in advance.

18. Separability

Even if a part of this agreement is judged to be invalid by law, the provisions other than the invalid part will continue to be valid and effective.
In addition, the invalid portion shall be modified to the extent necessary to make it valid, and shall be construed to ensure the maximum legal and economic effects intended.

19. Language/Governing Law/Jurisdiction

This agreement is written in Japanese, and if there is any discrepancy between the Japanese translation and the translation of this agreement provided by GO FRIEND, the Japanese language will take precedence. Regardless of conflict of law principles, this agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law. Any dispute between GO FRIEND and the user regarding the tool shall be decided by the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive court of first jurisdiction.

Last updated: 29 Aug 2019